Kelley Lishon


Website and Marketing Consultant

Kelley Lishon

Kelley Lishon is a freelance writer and web consultant. She is passionate about bridging administrator and end-user divides on various technological mediums through effective implementation of simple applications, intuitive design, digestible literature and functional precision.

Kelley’s commitment to promote responsible decision-making and provide communities with the tools to effect positive change shines forth in every aspect of her daily work.

She graduated Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Temple University with a BA in Religious Studies. Her written works include an analysis of the misconceptions of religion in America and an assessment of the dual-value of etic and emic perspectives in the study of religion.

Kelley has worked for Campus Outreach Services and The Take Back The Night Foundation as a project manager, resource developer and support technician. The diverse nature of her work has allowed her to explore everything from media editing and graphic design to crafting PowerPoints and handouts on bystander intervention, mutual respect, and digital dossier management. Kelley served as the Director of Web Resources for the online learning division of Campus Outreach Services, DragonFly learning. In this role, she organized all facets of virtual education through artful coordination of school clients, talented faculty presenters and a robust slate of ingenuities that drove myriad initiatives.