Sara Sosnowski


Global Youth Liaison

Dr. Gretchen Globe Berggren

The recipient of the Most Valuable Player on her high school volleyball team, Sara applied her skills as a volleyball coach for young intellectually disabled girls at the first all girls Camp Shriver held in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in July 2104. This first all girls Camp Shriver was the vision of her mother, philanthropist, Leslie Lishon Sosnowski and launched in a collaborative parntership between Sosnowski's organization, BoulderShares®.

Camp Shriver was founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver in the backyard of her home in the early 1960s. Eventually, this led to the founding of Special Olympics, launched in 1968 by the late Mrs. Shriver. Her son, Timothy, continues this family legacy and has grown the Special Olympics movement to over 177 countries.

For this first girls-only Camp Shriver, Sara represented her junior class at TASIS (The American School in Switzerland), of which her mother is an alumna.

Sara has worked with several NGOs in Haiti and received special recognition from the First Lady of El Salvador in the BoulderShares mission of 2008. Sara started the 20/20 club at Alexander Dawson School, her Colorado High School, to raise money for shoes and maps, as she was particularly concerned when she found out the youth were not familiar with a global map and did not know where Haiti was positioned in the world.

An accomplished student, Sara has received several awards from both TASIS and Alexander Dawson including: Global Student Award and Coach's Award - Swimming. She also was a member of the Mustang Club. Sara graduated from Alexander Dawson School in May of 2015 and will begin her college career at Chapman University in the fall.