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BoulderShares® in collaboration with Fondation Digicel, Newton Running, l’Hopital Dash, and Quisqueya Christian School was proud to team up with Special Olympics Haiti for an all-girls Camp Shriver.

Adolescent Health CardThis first ever all-girls camp in Haiti directly impacted over 100 participants including campers, staff, volunteers, family, and sponsors. It was a global effort focused locally in Port-au-Prince, running July 14 through July 18, that brought together residents from the area including students from Quisqueya Christian School. The American School in Switzerland (TASIS) was represented by Claudia Zittle and Sara Sosnowski. The indirect impact continues to ripple outward in several communities, as the Boulder-based partnership between Newton Running and BoulderShares is expanding to support more Special Olympics events internationally with collaborative interest expressed from parties in Switzerland. This synergy is the backbone of our work at BoulderShares.

A monetary sponsorship of $15,000 USD was leveraged into a value of over $70,000 due to extensive gifts in kind. As a direct result of the funds received, each girl received a sports pac, brand new running shoes and socks, and new uniforms.

Highlights from the week-long camp include Opening Ceremonies with guest speaker M. Boby Duval, President of Fondation d’Atheletique d’Haiti; rotation between athletic activities including bocce ball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and soccer; medical screenings by the team of two nurses and one physician from l’Hopital DASH; arts and crafts with supplies donated by GrandRabbits of Boulder and special interactive sound reading books provided by Quisqueya and Special Olympics; and a Closing Ceremony with a dance troupe performing a rehearsed routine.

There were so many special moments, and BoulderShares was thrilled to be so intricately involved in all of the smiles shared with so many girls in need.

Campers with Thank-You Newtown Banner

Kat Pou Adoslesan
"Pwoteje Tèt Ou"

Introducing the Health Card to Girls at Camp Shriver

BoulderShares was delighted to provide copies of its Adolescent Health Card to the girls attending camp as a means of empowering them to "Protect Their Health."

In collaboration with public-health experts, BoulderShares® developed and distributed an adolescent health card to empower youth to take control of their health, maintain control of their health records, and increase access to vital information. The card allows youth to track and monitor their weight, vaccination records, and blood pressure as well as log any educational seminars they attend and visits to medical facilities they make. Areas to record key contact information and the individual’s blood time are present, as well. This card – in its original comparatively pared-down version – was created and used originally by more than 5,000 young female soccer players in the Jeremie region of Haiti before BoulderShares and public-health experts decided to spearhead an overhaul effort to make the card more useful for the majority of Haitian youth, overall.

Amputee Team Listening to National Anthem

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Special Moments from Camp Shriver

Playing Bocce Ball at Camp Shriver

Bocce ball in the shade, enjoyed by campers of all physical abilities


Basketball at Camp Shriver

Volleyball lessons from TASIS student representatives


Soccer Drills at Camp Shriver

Soccer drills in the morning on a bright, sunny field


Boy Receiving Dental Flossing

Painting nails and arts + crafts in the afternoon, with supplies donated by GrandRabbits


BoulderShares Medical Leader Teaching Muscle Tone and Stretch Classes

Tracing hands on a banner thanking Newtown Running


Haitian Medical Students Who Worked to Introduce Medical Health Card

Reading interactive sound reading books provided by Quisqueya and Special Olympics