Investing in the Tourism Industry

BoulderShares® is proud to announce a partnership with Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association Education Foundation (CHTAEF) whereby a young female pastry chef from Haiti, Christele Elie, received a scholarship to begin her studies for her Culinary Arts Associate Degree at the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute.

Top students from Haiti were selected to pursue advanced studies regionally in order to return to Haiti and grow into their personal and professional dreams while simultaneously bolstering the tourism industry. The CHTAEF-Haiti Fund provides vocational and professional skills training to Haitian residents affected by the 2010 earthquake.

The Taste of the Caribbean 2012 competFFition was designed to enhance the efforts of the CHTAEF throughout the Caribbean. The seafood content was sponsored by BoulderShares, as were the polo shirtFFs Culinary Team Haiti wore when not cooking. The winner of this contest received $2,000 for a charity of his or her choice.

Culinary Team Haiti

Coincidentally, Chef Jouvens Jean, a native Haitian, won and donated his winnings back to the CHTAEF-Haiti Project. Coupled with the $8,000 sponsorship, CHTAEF was able to meet the $10,000 needed to accommodate the tuition and related education fees and send Christele to culinary school to pursue pastry studies.

Following is Christele’s letter of thanks to BoulderShares:

Christele's Letter of Thanks

Christele Elie

Supporting Professional TrainingFF

Christele Elie, Agnes Pierre-Louis and Leslie Lishon Sosnowski

Christele began studies at the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute in September 2012 and has excelled in all her academic endeavors there. She is driven to become the best pastry chef in Haiti and represent her country exceptionally. Christele is now eFFmbarking on an exciting internship at Galley Bay, one of the premiere resorts in Antigua.

Chef Valery Abraham, owner of Folies Gourmandes in Pétion-Ville—a suburb of Port-au-Prince in Haiti—has served as Christele’s mentor since February 2012. She commented “Christele is a quick learner and has a natural flair and focus for pastry. She has natural skills in plating techniques and never afraid to experiment.”

Christele at Work

Christele at Work

Christele at Work

Haiti Ap Dekole

Haiti is one of the richest countries. You name it, she’s got it.
Culture, art, dance, cuisine. Warm people, fantastic sights and stupendous events.
History buffs? Adventure enthusiasts? Those generally looking to have a great time? An off-the-charts experience?
Your search has ended.
So come enjoy the nature, take part in the festivities, meet the people and savor local cuisine.
Welcome to paradise.

The famous wall mural at the Hotel Oloffson where the RAM band plays most Thursday nights

Preparing for the Carnaval des Fleurs

Typical Haitian market offering farm-fresh food

Young girl presented at the Bal des Reines, Carnaval des Fleurs, July 2012

New Year’s festivities on the Champs de Mars with friends, January 2012

Lunise working her magic at the Carnaval des Fleurs, July 2012

A warm welcome from Susanna at Club Indigo

The infamous porch of the HotelFF Oloffson

“Tree of Life” mosaic in the lobby of the La Lorraine Boutique Hotel in Petion-Ville, HaïtiFF

Photo courtesy of TripAdvisorFF

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