Dear Leslie and Karla,

“…Thanks to your work improving youth health and your support throughout everything, I am truly proud of the impact that this tournament has had on hundreds of young people in Haiti in a relatively short period of time. This entire initiative was possible solely because of the generous support of BoulderShares, and I hope you can help me share my thanks with everyone who made this happen on the US side of things.

You’re both incredible people doing incredible things – thank you for allowing GOALS to take this on!”

Kona Shen
Director, GOALS Haiti

Leslie and Kona Accepting Award

The following two pictures depict an especially moving moment created when the members of the brass ensemble from the Holy Trinity Music School arrived on a hot Sunday afternoon to play “La Dessalinienne,” the Haitian national anthem, for the national amputee team before the exhibition match.  The soccer tournament was hosted by GOALS Haiti and sponsored by BoulderShares. Hundreds of people were directly impacted by the two-day event where sports, health education and music were celebrated outside of Cité Soleil in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Security guard reading BoulderShares booklet

Amputee Team Listening to National Anthem