Deborah Young, Ed.S, Ph.D. (Member of the board)

As a global citizen, Deborah Young is a true leader and advocate in improving the education, health, development, and human rights of marginalized populations around the world. Dr. Young is currently working in seven countries. Applying what she learned over the past 30 years volunteering to help residents of Nicaragua, she developed a cultural responsive model for transformational change.

She uses her knowledge and skills in the area of early childhood and critical pedagogy to create programs that facilitate positive change in just one generation.

Often traveling with one or all of her five children in tow, Dr. Young has worked steadily to transform community infrastructure in impoverished communities. .Through her heartfelt commitment and drive, she has nurtured a long-held dream that continues to shape lives around the world, turning peace and justice into a reality for many.

Dr. Deborah Young has earned graduate degrees as an Education Specialist in Educational Administration, Leadership and Policy, and a Doctorate in Educational Innovation for Early Childhood. She is a two- time Fulbright Scholar recipient and is currently the Education Department Chair at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

She has published on matters affecting the lives of children, their families, and communities. Dr. Young has served on various non-profit Boards and is actively involved in several participatory action research studies.