Welcome to BoulderShares®

BoulderShares® works as a conduit for humanitarian endeavors and as a catalyst for business ventures between entities in the US and entities located primarily in Haiti.

Often we procure supplies and coordinate drives for soft goods for shipment and distribution to end-users.   While we have completed several successful aid-based missions – usually after natural disasters our goal is to provide resources that help with development as opposed to dependence.

BoulderShares has consulted with specialists in the medical and anthropological fields to help redesign an identity health card for women, girls and teens in Haiti.  Looking forward, we see it as a means of empowering the youth of Haiti to “take charge of their health” to the best of their abilities.

Recently, we partnered with Fondation Digicel, l’Hopital DASH and Quisqueya Christian School to expand efforts to promote health and wellness through a Special Olympics project. Over 63 girls participated in a week-long camp in Port-au- Prince, Haiti. Each girl was outfitted with new running shoes, socks and uniforms and participated in a number of sporting events. The girls also had personal health screenings and received a health card.

Our Mission

BoulderShares® has a mission to create meaningful humanitarian sports events and engage in wellness initiatives benefiting girls and adolescent health in Haiti and the greater Caribbean basin, bringing Boulder-based companies into a deeper relationship with the region through donated goods and services oriented to sports and well-being.