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BoulderShares® works as a conduit for humanitarian endeavors and a catalyst for bringing partners together to create meaningful and impactful sports and health events for vulnerable at-risk youth, primarily girls and teens in Haiti.

We leverage financial donations with gifts-in-kind of softs goods and donated services to produce outcomes which foster connections between donors in the US, the World and Haiti. While we have completed several successful aid-based missions, usually after natural disasters, our goal is to provide resources and events that help with development of community participation through sports and health initiatives (as opposed to dependence).

BoulderShares has consulted with specialists in the medical and anthropological fields to help redesign an identity health card for women, girls and teens in Haiti. It was introduced at a soccer event in 2012 and 2 Camp Shrivers in 2014 and 2017. We see it as a means of empowering youth or their caregivers to “take charge of their health” to the best of their abilities. This data can also become useful as a tracking/census tool for the healthy athletes programs of certain partners.

We have partnered with DIGICEL Foundation, L’Hopital DASH, Quisqueya Christian School, Starkey Hearing Foundation, Le Centre Sport pour L'Espoirt Haiti, and others to hold 2 all girls Camp Shrivers. We also had the honor of helping the Haitian delegation participate in the World Games of Special Olympics in Los Angeles,CA, USA in 2015 with procured shoes from our key sponsor, Newton® running of Boulder, Colorado.


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Our Mission

BoulderShares® has a mission to create meaningful humanitarian sports events and engage in wellness initiatives benefiting girls and adolescent health in Haiti and the greater Caribbean basin, bringing Boulder-based companies into a deeper relationship with the region through donated goods and services oriented to sports and well-being.

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