Adolescent Health Card

BoulderShares® in collaboration with experts in the field of Public Health, is proud to introduce a health card for adolescents, on a trial basis beginning in April 2012.

The youth adolescent health card was introduced and distributed to 98 girl and 48 boy soccer players during a recent soccer tournament sponsored by BoulderShares and hosted by GOALS Haiti (Global Outreach and Love of Soccer) in Port-au-Prince in April 2012. 

The card was originally created and used by over 5,000 female soccer players in the Jeremie region of Haiti.  In collaboration with experts in the field of public health, BoulderShares chose to modify and disseminate the card to both male and female players to provide them with a tool to track and monitor weight, blood pressure, educational seminars attended and visits to medical facilities.  Key contact information, cell phone numbers, vaccination records, and blood type data is also provided for so that this information is easily accessible.

The purpose of the card is to empower youth in Haiti to “Protect their Health” by taking charge of medical data and maintaining ownership of their records.  A chart for menses data is included. BoulderShares believes that sex education is a two-way street and our preliminary findings revealed that the boys were very interested in the literature originally intended for the girls. Similarly, we found the girls to be interested in the supplies originally intended for the boys.

Each patient was consented and logs were kept so that follow up data can be collected quarterly. The players will be seen again in 3 and 6 -month intervals to measure the usage and efficacy of the card.   

Thanks to the cooperation and collaboration of friends and staff at IMR (International Medical Relief), more cards will be distributed and tracked through mobile field clinics throughout Haiti in June and December.   Continued access to the soccer population will occur thanks to the cooperation and collaboration of GOALS Haiti and Le Centre d’Atheletique d’Haiti.  

Following is a soccer player's letter of thanks to BoulderShares.

BoulderShares® + GOALS - Soccer Tournament + Health Education

Leslie explaining BoulderShares health card to Haitian girl.

Haitian boys studying the World Map. BoulderShares hopes to present laminated world maps to every project we visit.

Jack, our security guard, reading the brochure “What every woman should know about her body” in Kreyol.

Boy receives dental flossing from medical student as part of the healthcare education provided to the community during the soccer tournament.

BoulderShares medical leader, Karla Prentiss, teaching stretching and muscle-tone classes to the soccer teams before the tournament.

Haitian medical students who worked to introduce the BoulderShares Health Care: “Pwoteje Tèt Ou.”

Special Thanks

Following is a special note of gratitude to BoulderShares from the Director of GOALS Haiti:

Dear Leslie and Karla,

“…Thanks to your work improving youth health and your support throughout everything, I am truly proud of the impact that this tournament has had on hundreds of young people in Haiti in a relatively short period of time. This entire initiative was possible solely because of the generous support of BoulderShares, and I hope you can help me share my thanks with everyone who made this happen on the US side of things. 

You’re both incredible people doing incredible things – thank you for allowing GOALS to take this on!”

Kona Shen
Director, GOALS Haiti

Following is a special note of gratitude to BoulderShares from the Director of GOALS Haiti:

The following two pictures depict an especially moving moment created when the members of the brass ensemble from the Holy Trinity Music School arrived on a hot Sunday afternoon to play “La Dessalinienne,” the Haitian national anthem, for the national amputee team before the exhibition match.  The soccer tournament was hosted by GOALS Haiti and sponsored by BoulderShares. Hundreds of people were directly impacted by the two-day event where sports, health education and music were celebrated outside of Cité Soleil in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.